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About Us

The Holt County Humane Society was created in March of 2006 by concerned citizens from O'Neill and the surrounding communities.  The concern was that there was no avenue to save stray dogs or a place for dogs that could be surrendered and offered a second chance at life.  All homeless dogs were just being euthanized.

They got together and formed a 501(c)(3) corporation, and thus, the Holt County Humane Society was created.  The organization's purpose was to increase public awareness of responsible pet ownership, encourage and assist in spaying and neutering animals, promote the adoption of homeless animals, and advocate investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty.
Through the years, the shelter was housed at a few different locations, once for several months in southern Holt County at a residence of one of the members.  Then, they moved to another location in O'Neill at another member's residence.  Then, it finally found a permanent home at 500 S. Logan Street in O'Neill, NE.
Once it found its permanent location (current location), the Board of Directors decided it would be wise to rename the Holt County Humane Society to the Holt County Animal Shelter so that it would not be associated with the National Humane Society.

Current Board Members and Staff

Therese Sullivan - President and Treasurer, Board Member
Jim Rabe - Vice President, Board Member
Paula Evans - Board Member
Sue Symonds - Board Member-Advisor
Kris Schneider-Harvey - Board Member
Karen Nollette - Board Member

Diana Blain - Shelter Manager
Brianna Sullivan - Kennel Supervisor
Kennel Area Attendants - Stetson Stewart, Levi Stewart, Mackenzie Sisson, and Steve Yates


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