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Holt County Animal Shelter Adoption Process

Adoption Process

For those interested in adopting one of our animals, the process starts with filling out our application.
While we don't want to come across as intrusive with the application, we do ask a lot of questions.
This will help ensure that the animal being applied for will be a good fit in the potential home. Our shelter staff are very familiar with the dogs and can help guide the applicant in picking out the dog who will work best in the applicants home.

The adopting party must be 21 yrs of age before we will consider re-homing one of our animals to the potential home.
Once an application is submitted, a staff member will contact the references listed. We require a vet reference if applicable, 2 personal references. If the applicant is renting, we require written proof from the landlord that animals are permitted.

Once everything has been verified on the application, it is sent to our board members where it must be signed off by two members. After that a staff member will contact the applicant to let them know if they have been approved or not. We do apologize as it might take a couple of days, but we want to ensure that the animals we re-home, go to the best possible home.

Adoption Fee:

Our adoption fee is $150. Every dog that comes in to our shelter is spay or neutered, microchipped, all vaccinations, they are tested for heartworm and are dewormed and given flea and tick treatment.

Every dog is spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated (including rabies),
tested for heart worm, wormed and treated for flea and ticks.

If a dog came in to us, or developed any medical issue, that to would have been addressed also.

Our Commitment to you
Adoption fees are $150.00

The adoption fee covers the dog's spayed/neutered (if the dog is age appropriate), microchipped, vaccinated (including rabies), tested for heartworms, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks.  This is all included in the adoption fee.  The animal will also be given a physical exam and be given a temperament test. The adoption fee also covers any other medical and housing costs prior to the adoption.  The adoption fee is non-refundable however, the HCAS will waive the intake fee if the pet is returned within 30 days of adoption.

Surrender Fees:
Spay/Neutered                     $45.00
Non Spayed/Non Neutered   $90.00

Your Commitment to us
You will take your pet to your vet for any required booster vaccination or other medical care.
You will always provide adequate food, shelter, and confinement (protection to not roam free).  You will be loyal and love the dog for its entire life.  If you should have to remove the animal for any reason from your care, you will notify the HCAS immediately.

The HCAS recommends that you keep the newly adopted pet isolated for up to 5 day after arrival in their new home.


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