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Meet the Dogs of the Holt County Animal Shelter


My name is Emmett, and they told me that I'm four years old..not that I carry my birth records around with me. I'm a German Shepherd mix and rather handsome as I check myself out in the mirror regularly. Since I have a German background I'm sure I like schnitzel and Apple strudel, but I'm sure that's not on my diet plan menu.

Seriously, here's the lowdown on me. I've been at the shelter for over two years, and I'm getting to the end of my leash, and that's not even for a walk. Sure, the workers here are great but I'm not getting any younger. I'm starting to rack up seniority points, and the Guinness Book of Records people will soon be approaching me. Yikes! not a good thing. I'm loyal and loving, as that has to count for something. I'm my own marketing agent here, so bear with me. I love going for walks even if I don't know where I'm going. I love playing outside with my doggy friend, as I do need to stay in shape. They tell me I'm well-behaved, but I could've told them myself. I need a fenced-in yard, and it doesn't have to be penitentiary style since I'm not a convict. I'd do well in a town or a country setting. I do well with some dogs, and a meet and greet might be a good idea if you get my drift. Now, cats might be another story. Word on the street is that they have nine lives, as I might have to put that to the test. Now, smaller farm animals might be in question. So, if the piggy is going to market, I can't tag along.

I'm very smart and easily trainable, even better than parents with their own children. I learned to sit, stay, and down in a short few weeks, and that's impressive if I must say so myself. I'd make a loyal companion, and I'm eager to please. From what I'm told, even a spouse isn't that easy. Yeah...I was adopted twice and surrendered back as adopters need to exhibit patience with rescue dogs like myself. I'm not perfect... but who is? My loyalty will be the best thing I can give you. Besides my love, you will be rewarded with a great dog forever. I'm neutered and up to date with shots and microchipped. Thanks for checking in on me; I really appreciate it. I'm located at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. The number is (402) 336-5435. I can't take the call personally, so don't be offended but a nice person there will.





Sundra here...I'm a 4-year-old pointer mix. Bottom line: just point me in the direction of my new adopter. Now since I'm a female they forced me to reveal my age, against my wishes. If they put me on a scale I'm out of here whether I get adopted or not. Okay, here's the scoop on me. I came from Texas with three other poor souls at a high kill shelter. I usually like to travel alone but I had no choice in the matter. A high kill shelter does nothing for my reputation. I was picked up as a stray which makes me appear to be a "mysterious woman". They have no background on me which adds to my allure. I want a home where I can lounge with my people, and not have to pick up after myself. I need my exercise outside to keep my girlish figure. I get along with people but would do best as the only dog. If that's not possible I would definitely need a meet and greet if it involved another dog..I'm not sure about cats either. I hate when they get that cat litter on the floor, as it gets between my pads. I like one on one attention and no I don't need a shrink. I have been spayed, so boys you'll have to look around elsewhere. I'm up to date with my shots I don't have any tattoos, but I am microchipped if that helps any. I'm a girl worth checking out because I could be what you always dreamed of having. Hey..I'm not without flaws but your patience and love will go a long way to make me the best girl I can be..My current residency is at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. I can't take your call since I'm getting my nails done but the number is (402) 336-5435. Thanks for checking in on me..see you later gator.


Love, Sundra 




My name is Thor, and I am a 4 1/2-year-old Husky mix. There's nothing husky about me, and yes, I'm put together...whatever that means! Look, I'm energetic but sweet. Yes, you can have these two traits in one total package. They tell me I'm one of the funniest dogs at the shelter, and who am I to argue with such good points? Apparently, I'm going to be performing at Comedy Night here at the shelter soon before I take it on the road. I do have a lot of material to work with here at the shelter. I'm selective with my dog acquaintances., so not everyone is on my team. I have a friend who likes to play with me in the yard, and I do like being outside on a regular basis. I was picked up as a stray, and they also have no background on me, and that includes the FBI Profiler. I guess I learned to entertain myself and reflect on my life. Seriously, I would make a great companion for an energetic person who likes to walk and hike. I need to go to a situation where there is a fenced-in yard. Not that I'm a flight risk, and I've never even been on a plane. If another dog is in the mix, a meet and greet is required and this isn't negotiable. Now cats...they are a breed upon themselves, and all I know is they climb curtains hide in the litter box, and scare the crap out of me. I got neutered when I wasn't looking and didn't appreciate it. I'm updated on my shots, but I didn't request the Covid shot. Just for good measure, I got microchipped. I'm a good boy and I deserve another chance in life, and I won't get it without you. Just be patient with me, and you'll be rewarded with a winning dog. Thanks for checking in on me, as I'm residing at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. I don't personally take calls at the shelter because I'm shy, but some nice kennel worker would be all too happy to be my spokesperson here at (402) 336-5435. Hope to see you here soon.
Your pal



My name is Rupert, and in the words of the immortal Elvis Presley, "You Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog" mix. I'm 2 1/2 years old, and I came from a high kill shelter with three other unfortunates. I aim to start a new life full of adventure and meet my future adopter and some canine friends. I'm a sweet boy and haven't been dealt a good hand...and I don't even know how to play cards. I want to find my forever home, and did I mention I love people, and most other dogs. I do love walks and one-on-one time with the staff, so we get to know each other on a first-name basis. They tell me I have a funny personality but apparently not as much as the funny man Thor. You need to come on down and see me and you will fall in love with me. Women tell your husbands or boyfriends to check their egos at the door. One of the other dogs suggested raffling me off but met with disapproval from the staff. Yeah...I'm a dog worth checking out, so take me out for a test drive. I definitely deserve a chance to prove that I'm a great dog and worth waiting for in the long run. I am neutered, microchipped. and up to date on my shots.. I'm located at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill. NE. I speak my own language, so I won't be able to take your call, but a nice worker from the shelter will at (402) 336-5435. Thanks for checking in on me.

Your future pal,




My name is King and I'm what they call a Wolf Hound Mix. I don't know who "they" are, but I'll take their word. I never saw anyone like me before this, but I like the way I look. I don't have to be the king of my castle, and actually, I just want to belong to a family. I'm 3 yrs. old and shy at first, but that's part of my charm. I do take some time to warm up, too..but when I heat up, look out because I become a kissing machine.... with a heavy dose of petting. I was a stray and nobody knows anything about my background and history, so I'll keep them guessing. I like to run in the yard and get along with most dogs, as I've had several buddies that I hang out with daily. I don't know about cats either, but I'm sure they would become on the endangered species list. I'm not sure about farm animals, so OId McDonald might have to keep an eye on the farm. I like going on walks, and of course, I never refuse treats. I'm a very loving dog, and once you get to know me, I will become your lover boy. Apparently, they classify me as a pretty calm and chilled I have a lot to live up to. I need a fenced-in yard or live in the country because I'm not fussy. If you have any other dogs there will have to be a meet and greet first because we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. I'm neutered, so there won't be any little Wolfy hound mixes running around. I'm up to date on my shots and microchipped. I'm worth coming in and checking me out. Thanks for checking in on me, and I hope to see you someday soon. I'm living at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE, and their phone number is (402) 336-5435. They actually took my cell phone away from me last month because I was abusing my privileges.



My name is Blue and I would be true blue with you and your family if you decided to adopt me. Now that we got the formalities out of the way as I'm trying to kiss up. I am a 4 year old Blue Heeler/Border Collie/Kelpi mix...and that sounds like a mouth full. The only mouth full I want is a good meal and a roof over my head. I have to tell you I love car rides, especially the ones where I stick my head out of the window with my hair blowing back and my gums exposed. It doesn't get any better than that. I'm good at playing with the staff here at good old Holt County Animal Shelter as we play with balls, go for walks and partake in water games. I am a little cautious of strangers and I can be protective, but I'm working on it. Once we become friends, it could be forever. I can be dog selective so it could be hit or miss with me. Please don't get me going on they might be spending a lot of time up in the trees. I have to have a meet and greet with any dogs that cross my path as I've always been an inside dog and not an outside one. I am neutered, microchipped, and up to date on my shots. I am a good boy who wants an opportunity to spread my wings and become a part of your family. I'm worth checking out and you won't be disappointed. Thanks for checking in on me here at Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. My phone number (well it's not actually my phone number) is (402) 336-5435. See you soon.


Your new best friend,



My name is Bandit, and I'll steal your heart, and you won't know what hit you. How's that for an intro? I'm an English Pointer, but I have never met the Queen. I'm about 1 year old and energetic, but you're going to need to have a fenced-in yard to hold me back. I came from a home with other dogs, so I have experience, but I'd still need to have a meet and greet with different dogs just to make sure it works. I currently have a playmate at the shelter, but I'm discovering shelter life isn't for me. I need a yard to run in, but I still want to be part of a family. I don't know about I'm sure they'd be a challenge. I'm neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on my shots. Thanks for checking in on me... I deserve a chance to fit in with a family that I can call my own. I'm at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. and my phone number is (402) 336-5435.




My name is Kanji, spelled with a "K," and I'm a (lab/pit bull mix). They tell me I'm almost 5 years old, and that makes me around 35 in human years, and that sounds worse. At least I'm not at cougar status yet. Okay, here are some facts about me. My boyfriend named Kylo is here as we're kennel mates and best friends. We're sort of like canine Bonnie and Clyde. We thought about getting married and eloping, but only after we got fed our last meal. We do adore each other, and it's not an infatuation. Well now, back to reality. If you want to adopt me you would have to follow some guidelines, even though they weren't necessarily mine. You would need time to get to know me as we would have to have several meet-and-greet sessions, and I promise you I wouldn't change my identity to throw you off. Everyone in the house has to come and see me, so if there are 15 people in the house, this could be an issue since my attention span could be compromised as I tend to forget names. Even other pets would have to visit me, and I wouldn't share food with strangers. If the visitors include cats, turtles, and hamsters, this could put me over the top. I do get along with most dogs, but naturally, there would have to be a meet-and-greet session. I am a sweet girl but mouthy. Now you could take that many ways as it could be figuratively or literally. This process would be well worth it with plenty of patience, love, and understanding. The good news is also that I'm spayed and up to date on my shots. and microchipped. I am your personal diamond in the ruff! Come and visit me, as you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find. I'm at the Holt County Animal Shelter in O'Neill, NE. You won't be able to talk with me since I'll be fending off all of the family members who will be hounding me, so to speak. Seriously, the number at the shelter is (402) 336-5435. Thanks for checking in with me bye bye.

Love you always,


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