Kanji and Kylo

Due to no fault of her own, Kanji came back to the shelter this afternoon. Due to how sad Kylo was without his best friend in the whole world, we have made the bold decision to try and adopt these two out together. These two are two peas in a pod so we decided it might be best for both of them. So, if you have room in your heart and home for these two wonderful dogs, are patient and understanding of the fact that these two dogs have had a horrible start in their young lives, please contact the shelter. Please understand that it may take a 2 or more times to come and meet them. This is not their fault. It's because of the start they got in this life that it takes them time to trust new humans.

Kanji is approximately 2 years old and she is a Lab mix. Kanji loves playing out in the yard with Kylo for hours, she likes to go on long walks, she likes car rides, Peanut Butter frisbees, Peanut Butter Kongs with treats in them and loves enrichment toys and belly rubs.

This handsome boy is Kylo and he  is a Catahoula mix and is approximately 2 years old. He loves to play fetch, play in the yard with Kanji for hours, go for car rides, he enjoys all the belly rubs and long walks he can get. He even enjoys getting his coat brushed.


Daisy is a German Shepherd/Coonhound mix. She is approximately 2 years old and gets along well adults, children, other dogs and cats. She has got a playful personality once she warms up to you. Daisy is very friendly and playful. She loves getting pets and playing out in the yard. She's house trained  and loves her treats. Come and meet Miss Daisy and she will be your perfect addition to your family.


This beautiful girl is Juneau. Juneau is a 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky. She will need to go to a home that has extensive experience with the Husky breed. Juneau can get along with dogs that are around the same size as she is. She plays rather rough so smaller dogs may not be a good idea. She has a very high prey drive and she will not be good around small farm animals. She will need to have a fenced in yard or an area that she can be kept contained when outside. Her new owner would have to be open to possibly seeking obedience training for her. If you have experience with this breed and think you can give her the time, care, love and training she needs, call us to set up a meet and greet.


Meet Aurora. She is a 5 month old Great Pyrenees/Black Lab/Anatolian Shepherd mix. Aurora is very shy right now but she is warming up. She has only been an outside pup up until now. But staff said she did pretty good last night. She will require lots of training so her potential adopter would have to be willing to take the time to train her properly with love, patience and caring. Because of her breed, it would be best to have a secure fenced in area. If you would to meet Aurora, please call or message the shelter to schedule a meet and greet.


Emmett was returned to us today, due to no fault of his own. Emmett is a very sweet boy and he is very smart. Emmett likes walks, pets and playing in the yard. He is a German Shepherd mix and is approximately 2 years old. Emmett is dog selective but does not like cats, so his new home will have to be cat free. Emmett would do best in a home where he has a fenced in yard so he can have the freedom to run at his hearts desire. Emmett would do best in a home with no small children.


This very sweet and timid girl is Mia. Mia is a 4 1/2 year old Heeler/Lab mix. Mia does well with adults and children, but she is dog selective and isn't very fond of cats. She has a strong herding instinct and she will try to herd and corral people and kids if they move to quickly or run. Give the shelter a call at (402)336-5435 or email us if you'd like to meet Mia and see if she'd be the perfect addition to your family


This handsome gentleman is Slate. He is a Silver Lab mix and is approximately 1 year old. Slate is very playful and is a happy dog. He gets along with adults, children and most other dogs but we do not know how he is with cats. Because of his energy, he would definitely do better on a farm or have a fenced in yard. Slate still needs to see our veterinarian for a check up, shots and surgery. Contact us at the shelter if you would like to schedule a meet and greet with this guy.

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