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Upcoming Events


Call 402-336-5435 to schedule a meet & greet with one of our adoptable dogs! Meet & greets & adoptions can be done without entering our building. All dogs come with age appropriate vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter including a free veterinary exam within the first 10 days of adoption.

The HCAS is accepting EMERGENCY-ONLY intake and is trying to keep the number of dogs in the shelter as low as possible right now. The shelter is asking owners who would like to surrender their pets to hold onto them during this outbreak, unless it is a true emergency.

Stay home and consider fostering: We have limited foster availability at this time, but we would like to have a list of people who would be available to help in a crisis.

Now more than ever, The Holt County Animal Shelter needs your support. We have had to cancel and postpone to later months multiple fundraisers, and adoptions have slowed due to current circumstances.

This is a significant loss for the shelter. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we are trying our best to keep our facility staffed and our doors open to continue serving the lost and homeless dogs of Holt County, as well as our community. Operating costs are our biggest expense. The HCAS serves you by serving our community.

Please help us continue to help dogs lives by donating virtually.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Useful Information

​Top reason to adopt

1. Because you will save a life. 

2. Because you will get a wonderful and grateful animal.

3. Because it will cost you less.

4. Because of the bragging rights of your adorable pet.

5. Because it is one way to fight puppy mills.

6. Because your home will thank you...usually pets from shelters and rescue groups are already house trained which means you are saving a life, you are also saving your carpet....

7. Because all pets are good for your health, but adoptees offer an extra boost of love and appreciation.

8. Because adoption helps more than one animal...It leaves more room to help other homeless animals.

9. Because the shelters give you many different choices of breeds.

10. Because you'll change a homeless animal's world.

There are many reasons that pets may lose their homes.  Among those are:

Family Moving


People losing a home or job

Unplanned litters due to not being spayed/neutered 

People feeling they no longer have enough time or desire to properly care for a pet.

Reasons for adopting and older pet

1. House training made easy - Senior dogs for the most part are house trained but do sometimes need a period of adjustment.

2. Cuddle Experts - Senior dogs are more laid back and are happy to snuggle by your side, especially when you had a bad day.

3. Save a life - so many senior dogs are needlessly euthanized.  They deserve a second chance.

4. Lifelong learning - Old dogs can be taught new tricks. With the right level of patience and compassion, can learn new tricks.

5. A new attitude - Senior dogs have a way of adjusting a lifestyle to improve it. Like moving you off the couch, or playing outside.

6. Live Longer - Recent studies show that having a pet can add up to 10 years to your life. So improved pet care does for dogs too.

7. Transparency - Ask any senior rescue volunteer - what you see is what you get.  Unlike puppies who are far less predictable.

8.Purebred likes - if your heart is set on a purebred, there are many available in shelters.